New AdMob bank payment long?

I received a mesage from adsense saying that they have sent a payment to me…But when i will actually see it in my bank account?(italy)

Around under 10 work days

For me it was… 1 day. Awesome.

Oh wow I didn’t realise! Not in my account yet. Apparently it was initialized on 21st for me. Will post once it’s in.

In the new admob it says that they pack per bank check? I am located outside the US, how does it work?

I’m not sure what “pack per bank check” even means. I’m in the UK and get paid straight to my bank account.

Payment method
Check - Standard Delivery
US Dollars

That is what is says at Payment Methods.

That’s pretty weird. I know they supported check payments with the old Admob, is that how you got them before?

They were always recommending using Wire or Paypal over check though. I’m surprised they are still supporting check with all the changes.

Where are you based? Maybe that’s why you’ve been assigned check payments?

i received paypal payments in the old admob
they removed it now from all accounts
located in costa rica

Mine came through today.

is this for august earnings through new admob?

Yes, that’s right.

This is my first payment from new admob. If anyone can help, I have two questions:

  1. The payment was already issued but it is not in my account yet. It means that all the necessary information for payment is ok? I read in some place that I should receive a test deposit before receiving actual deposit from adsense…
  2. They retained 30% of the revenue due to tax. It didn’t happen with paypal payments… how to fix this??

My payment began processing on the 21st according to the dashboard. On the 23rd they e-mailed me to tell me it was in process. Was in my account on the 24th.

Not sure why their doing your taxes for you. I take it you live in the U.S?

I didn’t receive any email, but dashboard says the payment is issued. I do not live in the US and I have already sent the W8-BEN. Anyway, today I refilled a form stating that I am not in the US which was necessary to avoid tax retention. I will wait some days more before requesting support. Thanks!