(new) Admob - ad review center

Anyone using it?

What is it?

There is option in “Monetize” -> “Allow and block ads” -> “Ad review center”

Welcome to the Ad Review Center. Here you can see ads that are eligible to run on your site and choose whether to allow or block specific ads or advertisers. Learn more.
To enable the ad review center for your account, please submit a request.
When can I start reviewing ads?
The Ad Review Center will be enabled for your account within one hour. Once its enabled, youll be able to block individual ads.
In the meantime, you can use the other blocking option tabs to block ads by specific criteria. Learn more.

That sounds good. You can now block those “you have a virus ads” which scare users and give u bad ratings

Yeah i also thought about it. It may be useful for such ads. I still haven’t enabled it yet.

I always get “no ads to display” coming up when I try to use it…

Me too. No ads to display. Still, that gives hope. Time will tell.

I can see the ads in the review center but there’s no ad related to “virus”.

I’m using it all the time. I don’t remember exactly, but you have to activate it somehow. Then it takes a couple of hours until it starts showing the ads.

EDIT: It would be much better, if you could see the ads per app. Now it just shows all the ads you are serving. Hell of lot of various MoboGenie ads for me…

I believe this has been available in adsense all along.

Thanks to @schwing7 for tip about waiting a few hours.

Ads are coming up now, but are a nightmare to sift through.

There is a “filter” option in the top right corner where I filtered for “virus”:

Blocked it now, but can’t find the others that come up.

I think what happens is that when there are affiliate campaigns for one of those apps, new ads are coming online all the time from various affiliates. In settings you can put ads on 24h hold, but it’s only for placement targeted ads, i.e. someone specifically advertising in your apps. It will also hold ALL placement targeted ads, which is probably not what you want. The whole thing is just too crude to be useful.

99% of my impressions show only 21 different ads and they all seem like crap, no wonder revenue is down :frowning:

Better if they allow block ads by keyword or regexp, and separate for specific ads id. In old admob they allow keyword block