New Ad Format in Airpush (360 Ad Type)

Hi Guys,
I want to share my revenue update with airpush. I have a 100k current user with my app and generate more than $4,000 last month with Airpush Bundle 1.
Then one day Nick Davies (aka Airpush Nick) approach me, ask to try to use their new ad format which is 360 banner. At first Im doubtful to use it because It is still in BETA.
But I decided to Implement it. I follow the documentation carefully and published it in Google Play. Accidentally, they made a mistake to their documentation which is “set TESTMODE property to true for livemode false to testmode” Instead of “set TESTMODE property to false for livemode true to testmode” so I don’t have revenue with 360 for 3 days but after fixing it I was surprise because It almost doubled my revenue per day. from $150 to $250-$300 per day.

360 banner ad format CPM is $1 - $3, 10-20 times of the ordinary banner ads ($0.20 CPM).

So I recommend to try 360 banner ads of Airpush. You will not regret it.

Yeah great ad units, You can thank me for finding the mistake in their sdk documentation, If you pay attention to the logcats when testing your apps you will see that true was for test mode, logcat will say that the 360 ad is in test mode. That’s how I found their mistake. :slight_smile:

Nicest ads by far really get the users attention. I still run the banner ads with the 360 ad.

Yes. Testmode shows live ads so it passed my SIT. I suggest to show some static ads that saying you are in testmode to prevent confusion

Always respect the company that comes with a new innovation :slight_smile: unlike others to copy the existing ad format . Airpush has done a great job of getting the user attention with the live transparent video banners called the 360 Ads . it has also increased my impressions and CPM , very very happy :smiley: . guys dont miss out to try this ad format .

I,m testing the ads. They are showing inside the app but the impressions still 0. Is not in Test Mode I pass false. Anyone with the same problem?

I have the same problem. Were you able to fix this issue for your apps?

This problem was because I was using the bundle 2. Just works for bundle 1 or standard