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Description from market

This simple application watches over your Bluetooth headset device and notifies you when the device has gone out of range (approximately 10m).

It does so, with as little resources and user interference as possible. Once you install it and select your headset device, the service runs silently in the background only when your Bluetooth is on and listens for headset disconnection event (either device has gone out of range or has been disconnected for some reason).

You will completely forget about this app until it saves you! Please rate and leave us a comment if and when this happens! :wink:

Interesting idea. I don’t have a (working!) bluetooth headset myself, so can’t really try it out for you. But I like the way you’ve presented the app, with the ICS theme & all. The Google Play description is compelling enough that I’d certainly give this app a go.

I noticed in the description “By buying this app, you support our further development of a custom bluetooth device that we are currently working on.” I’m quite intrigued… do you have any details about this on the web yet? :slight_smile:

Very well done for the (marketing) graphics and icons, looks very professional

Hi David.

Thank you for your kind words and the opportunity to promote our app here on your forum. We think this functionality should already be integrated with OS anyways. And it probably will be soon.

There is a couple of things I think it’s worth mentioning here if someone is wondering if this app will also be available on other mobile platforms.

We’ve set out to support iPhone and WindowsPhone 7 also, but ran into some surprising discoveries.

Apple’s Bluetooth stack is not public thus not supporting nonApple brands of headsets. A company would have to join the MFI program etc. There are ways to support nonApple bluetooth devices on iPhone but the app will not be accepted to AppStore etc.

And about WindowsPhone 7…is does not have bluetooth API at all.

So, Android it is and we love the platform.

About the custom bluetooth device without revealing too much :slight_smile:

We are currently in the “Internet of things” era and in this context we think there is a lot of room for innovative and creative ideas. So our goal is to build upon the basic concept of NeverLoseMe app and expand this to multiple implementations or uses. Building a 2way communication, thus the concept working in both ways. So Never lose your phone, keys, wallet, purse, jacket, laptop etc :wink:

Does that sound interesting? :wink:

Kind regards from Slovenia.

Thank you! Lovin’ the “Robo Miner”! :slight_smile:

Similarly not using a BT headset at the moment so can’t test it in action, but I like the idea. Very simple yet solves a problem - I imagine as soon as it actually kicks in for someone the first time they leave their headset behind the value becomes apparent.

Regarding tracking other things, I think I came across something similar recently. Thought it was a KickStarter project but now can’t find it - sorry, was hoping to provide you a link. I think the basic idea was for phone tracking: you have a beeper in your pocket that pings you when you’re x metres away from your phone. Can see how it could extend to other applications (as you say, keys and the like) but doesn’t that start to introduce the problem of a) keeping them all paired and b) keeping them all charged! I’m also picturing a horrible moment when you get to the front of an airport security queue and realise you’ve got all of these devices on you broadcasting :slight_smile: