Networks with live stats?

I may be crazy here, but I could’ve sworn that at one point airpush had live stats about their network on their site (ecpm, that is). But now all I can find is a generic 100k apps with airpush, and a good fill rate. Maybe it was a different ad network I was thinking of, I can’t be sure; I was doing some research and had looked at dozens of pages by that point.

But I did figure that it wasn’t atypical to publish some type of live network stats. But now that I’m getting around to looking for some, I see that airpush doesn’t have live stats, and neither does any other network! The only network I see that has it at the moment is tapcontext, which is good to know for the short term, but at some point I would like to be able to compare these networks and see how they perform over time without having an app on each and without posting forum threads trying to figure out who’s the best this month compared to last…

On a positive note, I have found half a ton of networks that offer “the best!” ecpm to publishers!:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I mean stats about the network as a whole, not just your account.

Airpush - Mobile Ad Network | Mobile RTB | Android App Monetization Leadbolt is a good ad network for me. try it.

Our stats are updated every hour. Give us a try: AppBucks :: DeveloperSignup. If you want more information on some new features we recently rolled out, check out the thread at this link.

well yes its true most network’s websites don’t show live stats because theres so much change I guess it would require a lot of updating. I guessing for a huge network like Airpush an app is added every few minutes and they get a few hundred apps a day. So updating it daily would be pointless.

Thanks, Paul, but I think I might have been unclear. I mean stats about the network averaged as a whole, like on tapcontext’s homepage. Does anyone know of other networks with something similar?