Networks that allow House Ads?

Hi guys,

Do you know any networks who let you cross-promote your apps and ( more importantly) - let you show other house ads? I know admob does that but some of the apps/offers i want to show are not so admob-compliant. Borderline compliant but why risk it :slight_smile: Applovin used to have this but stopped it unexpectedly.

Thanks in advance

i heard minimob has it

Yes , Minimob has house ads ,

Yes, exactly. I donโ€™t know any other network. If you will register - you can use promo code (right top corner) : โ€œmjmsโ€. It will give you extra bonus. Best regards!

also i forgot to mention -

you can show house ads in appnext by contacting account manager(manual)
self service is coming soon.

thanks guys , back to minimob i guess - i completely forgot about them:)