Network that pay with impressions

Anyone know ad networks that pay with impressions? Here is my dilemma. My app is highly targeted to certain group in the population (sex, age group, income, action, and spending habits). They will spend; but not games on mobile devices. The app generates on average 20-50 impressions a day per user. I can’t use those PPI networks as it won’t generate any revenue for me. Any suggestions?

If you can do video ads, Aerserv pays on impression, as do other video companies like Adcolony and Vungle.

It all depends on the type of fill they can provide you. I would go with Aerserv if you can serve tens of thousands of impressions per day. They also have their own mediation platform as well.

Yes. I though about videos. 30 second videos might be just a bit too long for the user. 10 second videos would be perfect. What are their usual CPMs?

From what I hear $4-$9.

You can make the ad skippable-closable after 10 seconds if you’re willing to add more tech to your work if you think 30 seconds if too long

At Airpush, our ad types all pay based on impressions, with the associated CPM determined by the ad type used, country of the user and level of engagement.
Our standard SDK includes our 360 abstract and smart wall ad types, which both have solid fill and CPM world wide.
Check out our interactive demo site here at Airpush Publisher Demo and integration documentation

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Ha. Thanks a million. I will check it out.

Mobilecore is the best

Isn’t Mobilecore a PPI network?

Not now. Can’t recommend MC those days.

You can also check ADXMI network. The length of the video normally is 10-20 second. Pays on CPCV , A complete view will bring you at least $0.01. If you have a big impression daily. You will make a good revenue from ADXMI. I can send you the demo to check the video ads through PM if you wish.

What is pay out for incomplete views say 50% and 75%?

For cpcv video ads, incomplete view will get $0.


Like @Unlockable mentioned, we pay on CPM, not CPI or CPCV. This means regardless if the user watches the whole video or not you’re paid for those impressions. With AdColony or Vungle you’re only paid if the user watches the complete video or installs the promoted app.

Additionally the majority of our ads are 15 seconds long. With AerServ you can take advantage of our branded high paying video ads but you can also monetize with our 30+ supported networks such as: Admob, Vungle, AdColony, iAds, Inmboi and many more. Feel free to make a free account and look around.

Be happy to give you a demo of our platform as well.

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Thanks AerServ. I will try.