network or software to handle direct ad inventory management ?

I have an Android app in a niche market, that generates quite a lot of stable traffic in US.

I’m thinking of trying to sell my inventory directly to potential clients that may be interested in our traffic.

Do you know any network / software that would track add display, clicks and geotargetting (possibly to the US state level) ? So I could give access to the direct clients to the stats of their campains ?

Billing would be handled separately directly by me.



We do something very similar to what you wrote - we provide each of our advertisers a chance to create direct relation with any of the publishers they ran their promotions in.
Of course, you will need to work with us a little bit to establish a reputation and get noticed.

PM me to chat more, if you’d like.


If you already have access to advertisers and is only looking for a solution that helps you run their campaigns, we have the perfect offering for you. PM me if you need more info.

Mopub has a pretty nice self managing system in place.

I hope Orderhive - Multi-channel order & inventory management software will be helpful here. Just try it for 15 day free subscription.