Need to make over $2 per 1000 page views

Hello folks,

I’m the developer for QuickLyric. Before I can publish my app to Google Play, I need to make sure my business plan is reliable.

Long story short, I need to pay $0.002 every time I display lyrics. That means $2 per thousand lyrics. Note that QuickLyric was previously available on Google Play in 2015 for 2 months, scored close to 100k downloads and the potential is clearly there.

I’ve made my financial predictions here.


[li]I don’t want intrusive/interstitial ads[/li][li] Several banner ads will be displayed for every song lyrics[/li][li]I found a way to prevent ad blockers from using the app unless they go premium[/li][li]My app will be available in 100 countries, including US, India and most of Europe.[/li][/ul]

Banner ads:

I’m currently running an open beta. The last update implemented all the monetization features.
I tried going with AirPush 360 ads, and (maybe because this is january?) the results were very disappointing. 0.27 CPM for 1082 impressions. Fill rate is not available.
When an ad from airpush wasnt’t available, I used AdMob. RPM seemed much higher ($2) but my admob ID was disabled after a week for sketchy reasons (the app is not on Google Play and doesn’t use Google services…) and I only had 1 click (but again, admob ads rarely appear).

Video ads:

I offered my users the option to watch a 30 sec. video ad from AdColony to “go premium” for 7 days. Again, CPM is awful (0.88 global eCPM, $2.46 for US) and fill rate is fairly low. Is this due to the fact we’re in January?


Obviously, I only have a small subset of users on this beta (<100 users). I don’t really have experience with ad revenues, meaning I’m really unsure what to expect once the app gets a lot of users/views.

  • Is it reasonable to expect a $1.1 RPM from AdMob?
  • Is it reasonable to expect 2 banners to be displayed for every lyrics?
  • Regarding the video ads, are there other options that could replace AdColony? I tried Pollfish but the fill rate is just awful. Options that games use to give the player some currency for free may very well fit what I’m looking for.

If you have any question, let me know! Thanks!