Need to automatically download statistics from apps stores

I have published some apps to both stores (IOS and Android) and I check the stats on a daily based. But I decided that it’s more efficient to use a BI tool, create a dashboard and get all the information consolidated.

I’ve included google analytics data there so it’s great, however I did not find the way to download automatically the data from the stores. I have to go and get the csv every day.

I did not find an Api, but may be there is a way to get by email or by any other web service, I don’t know…

Does any of you have tried and succeed with this? please let me know.


Analytics has api: Or you can use appanie, all platform in one place and get data through api

Analytics has, but it does not report (or I don’t know how to pull) this measurements: Downloads, Installs, Uninstalls & Rating.
Does appanie has this?

GA has a feature to send the daily reports by email

I know, and I’m using the API to get a lot of data, however there are some that I couln’t pull out yet.
may be you can help me to get from GA this information: Downloads, Installs, Uninstalls & Rating

Until today I have to manually download the CSV on a daily based from the android developer console :frowning: