Need some idea to increase the downloads

I really need your help.This is also my first thread in this forum.Four months ago,I developed an app that imitate the iTunes in iPhone and published it on Google Play.About 20 days late.the downloads have over 8000 in one day.But that not last too long,Google play removed my app with reason of violating the Intellectual property,because of finding to use the iTunes icon.After that.I modified the part of my app and meet the policy and published it at the end of March.In the beginning,the downloads grows steady and fast.When the downloads has reached 2000 per day,it began to decrease and drop heavily.I really do not want to see this,because it gave me some confidence to keep developing apps.I don’t know how to stop that.Any idea that can change this situation will be appreciate.I really need your help.If David see this thread,I hope you can give me some directions.

This is my app on Google Play: iMusic

Hi there, no matter android or iOS apps, here are some best ideas to increase the downloads:

Create an Enticing App Icon - Your app icon is the first thing someone sees in the app store, so the design you choose is critical to your success. Keep the icon eye-catching and recognizable.

Using Eye-Catching Photos and Videos -Photos related to your app that highlight your most popular and needed features will immediately encourage downloads. A good combination of these two is crucial to encouraging users to click that download button.

Name and Describe Your App Appropriately -Keep your app name short and sweet, easy to spell, and memorable, and highlight your app features and advantages in first 3 description, because most people just browsing the first 3 lines.

Get Positive app reivews - 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, Users will be convinced when they see your app have gained many positive reviews from your former or existing users and choose your app.

Offer Time-limited Discounts - This method seems to cost you a quite sum of money, but truly it is quite useful to increase app downloads, and bring more returns for you. During a certain period, you offer users some discounts when they use some services of your app on the condition that they share your app to their friends and colleges.

Cooperate with Influencer - Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people.

Get Featured on the App Stores - Most people give much more trust to official recommendation, if your app get featured on the app stores, the download rates will be much higher.

Hope these methods are useful to you.