Making Money with Android

Need some help. Can someone please explain?

I am confused how the ad networks work. Some of them require you to enter the details of live apps just to get membership (Facebook Audience Network) or even just to get some ids. So does this mean that you first submit the app to Play Store, then sign up for the ad networks, then add their sdks and after that resubmit to Play Store???


No…its not true. almost all network have option to deal with it cinsudering u are publishing ur app/game first time with their sdk.

so do some research. u will find option for sure.

Most will need the package name

Most of the ad networks that I know doesn’t require app published before integrate their SDK.

Hi Syedaf,

At Airpush we only require a valid link to the APK with our SDK in it to serve ads.
When first creating the app in our dashboard, if your app is already in the markets, you can use that URL to create your app in our dashboard, and then update it after integrating the SDK. If you don’t have any apps in the market at first, you can just use a temporary URL, and then update after integrating the SDK.

PM me if you have any further questions.

Airpush Nick

They are correct but guess I encountered this before in appbrain…