Need Review Exchange with google Plus

Here is my new app.

Install it, give 5 stars and g+ will do the same for you.

This will take longer time to get the result. As we know, you only will get a review after you give other app one. And you may take risk while others will Not do same for you.
Anyway, if you have no budget, this would be the best method for you to get organic installs, ratings and reviews.

If there is some budget, you can buy reviews from some review providers. The app will get higher ratings and raking in a short period. Once the traffic is organic, your app would be safe.

Good luck!


you know that buy review is a bad for your apps,bcoz google is not saying buy review for apps its harmful for your app.

Of course we know virtual reviews are harmful to apps, not real reviews. What I mean is that you can buy reviews from real users who will install and review your app with real devices. You know there are many websites offering this and they run well. If the publisher or app will get punished by Store, how can these sites get orders and profits?

Anyway, I just mentioned one method may help you. Your choice!

Done, please check your inbox for my app’s link.

Hay Anteos

I can’t see your app review

You even responded to it -.-

Anyway I sent you PM with the proof in screenshot.
Waiting for your review now. The link of app is in your inbox as well.

Hi. I did install, 5* review and G+. Name: Igor Trifunovic
Please do same for my app:

I added 5* review and G+ share for your app. Name: Abhishek Vicky

But I’m not receiving G+ Share

Hi :slight_smile:
I wrote the review, rated 5 stars and added +1
Name: Benjamin Eastbay
Please, do the same with my app:


I did G+ share again, hope it’s ok now.

Hey Benjamin Eastbay
Your Review is not showing in my google app review section dear. I thing something is missing

I don’t no. Here is another screenshot