need opinions on new app

I about ready to release my new app and thought I would get some opinions and do a little testing before I do.

The app is called Minimalist Shortcut. It is a cusomizable shortcut widget. The idea is to be able to have simple minimalist icons to launch apps or folders from.

You can download it here.

I plan on doing a lite/pro version. The main thing I wanted opinions on is what features should I make pro. I want to make sure that users would think the features are worth upgrading to the pro version for, but I also want to make sure the lite version is still worth having. After all if I don’t get good downloads of the lite version I won’t make much money even if half the users upgrade. And I will get alot more downloads if the users are happy and the install percentage is high. It is a fine line between giving away too much where nobody wants to upgrade and giving away too little where nobody wants to download it.

I would rather error on the side of giving away too much. Since getting just 1% to upgrade of 100k users is better than getting 10% to upgrade of 5k users.

Currently the features I have as pro are:
Use Custom Fonts
Use custom icons/images

This current apk is beta and has all features enabled so you can try them out.

The next question I have is should I include any ads in the lite version or not. And if so what kind. Given the nature of the program where you only open the settings occasionally to set it up or to tweak the look, I won’t get many banner ad impressions. I don’t want annoying ads like notifications or icon drops because that would hurt the adoption rate and hurt sales of the pro version. An app wall on exit of the settings may work but would it be worth it or should I just focus on converting users to the pro version for revenue?

Check it out and let me know your thoughts and any bugs you find.


I Would put the options in the lite version to be clicked on, then when clicked show a dialog to buy the pro version.

I’ve done the same with my clock widget:

It’s free, check out the settings page of the widget.
Also, if a website offers a review, ask them to link your pro version first.

Good suggestion. I’m already doing that (but right now in the beta all features are enabled so no dialog popup for the pro features). I do have them marked with a little pro banner and once the beta is over it will popup asking them if they want to buy the full version.

Sorry for being off topic, but how did you make you status bar transparent?

The rom I’m running on my HTC Vivid includes something called leedroid tweaks and one of the options is to change color and transparency of the status bar.