Need information about AppNext. is it right what they saying on their home page?

i’m looking for best paying ad network now days.
and i found one of Adnetwork named with Appnext. Big reason to focus on that adnetwork is App report on their home page.
i really surprised when i’ve seen this strange app stats on their ad network home page.
check it out
Define Your Own Mobile Strategy |Appnext Mobile Monetization

isn’t it strange? or it is real?
is there anybody here using Appnext on their apps? is they’re highest paying ad network as they showing on their home page?
i want to use Appnext ads in both my play store apps and 3rd party store apps.

please give feedback of your experience with Appnext those who using it.
i don’t need response of their official agent if ther’re here. i need public response only and with their app’s link if possible.:slight_smile:

feedback will be really appreciate. thanks before

You mean the screenshots? Its obviously manipulated, nobody gets 70%++ CTR. The lowest CTR on the screenshots is 12,64%, which is 5 - 6 x bigger than what you should expect with interstitials.

yup exactly i was expecting same that it is manipulated. But i’m looking for the answer from someone who is using Appnext ads on their apps. and what is their experience about their ads? is it really highest paying adnetwork?

I have tried but only got $0.63 eCPM.

For me, Appnext are the best of the best. Not only the highest paying, but the best support there is. They will work with you to get your performance optimized. Really like that about them.

But… You’ll have to try and see for yourself. There is no ‘best ad network’. Pick a few with the best reputation in the business and test them. Appnext is in that list, but there are more.

By the way, with native ads CTR can get to 70%, and with their ClickTag the CTR is 99-100%. But of course, that’s not the usual example. They probably took the example that makes them look the best. Like everyone.

Do you realise what this CTR means? It means that every ad that you show gets clicked by the user. This is possible only if you show interstitial and don’t give the user the close button, and make the ad non-cancellable. Lets say there is Tom. Tom installed alarm clock app. Do you think Tom will click every ad that appears while using this alarm clock? I don’t think so, no matter how good the ad is, no matter how personalised it is, he will definitely NOT be interested in some ads that will show up, and sometimes he’ll just use his alarm clock to set it to 6AM just to get up to work the next day, and he’ll go to bed. Well personalised native ads could get ~7-8%, not 99-100%, thats ridiculous.

The guys against appnext need to first try and then comment. There is something known as click tag ads from appnext + u need to optimize showing ads rather than just place them anywhere in the app/game. Having said that, what actually matters is how many installs can your app deliver for the ads.

Got 0.7$ ecpm…

Thanks a lot both for your response.
can i have your app link?

You are right - most of the times it will get to 7%-8% maximum, but not always. At certain location it can reach more, much more. When the ad is integrated with the app in a way that it offers content rather than just an ad - it can reach those heights. But like I said - it’s very rare and usually very temporary.

As for 99-100% - that was in regards to ClickTag. In ClickTag, impression=click (if I understand the mechanism correctly), so CTR is 100%. It’s a very good tool for ‘more apps/games’ butoons, on app menu etc.

Which is your main market issamassafi?

I only use appnext on app launch, and google play market only

Can you please share your app link with us?

I mean which country is your main market?

I mean which country is your main market? I wonder can appnext work great in Asia?

@jonathan, as it is about appnext, I wanted to ask it here:

I am implementing ClickTag on one of my apps, but quite often I get “sorry, this offer is not activated or you are not approved to run this offer” and then it opens an offer wall. Any clue why this is happening? For the rest of the time it opens playstore as it should

Hi Javanshir,

That happens when an advertiser paused an offer on his side but did not tell us. It can also if our API hasn’t been updated when a certain offer was removed, but the API updates every 20-30 minutes, so there is a very small margin of time when this happens. Usually it’s the advertiser’s mistake.

This shouldn’t happen very often. So if it does, PM me with the app where it happens, and let me check it out.

Many thanks,

For Asia, you need reach out to ad network specific to their country as they are more likely to get their own advertisers. But being tier 3 the revenue is not that great. You need a lot of traffic in your apps to get meaningful results. This partly explain why apps developers turn to unorthodox means to promote their

Plenty of my users are from Asia, and Appnext is doing quite well there. A lot of offers for India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc… nice eCPM (of course, for tier 1 I get higher eCPM).

Yep, we have a lot of offers in that area (APAC). Of course, the secret is optimizing all these offers to generate the highest eCPM for each placment, for each developer.