Need Help in Monetization Of my app

Hey guys
I got a six month old app Online Compiler( got 14k active installs.Started displaying admobs banner ads from last three days and just earned 1.55$ in 3 days

.Need your advice me on how monetizing this app.

  1. You can start by including other ad networks like Sartapp! and Mobilecore!. [use my links in my signature below :stuck_out_tongue: ]
  2. Also maybe start making more apps like entertainment apps , or maybe generic stuff so all people can use not just geeks.
    3.Translate your app to different languages so people in Japan , India or other countries can find this app and use it.
    4.Finally you have to know that people actually using your app not just having your app and not using it.

Thanks for replying me.Can you please specify from which type of ads can i make some money like i have a target of 5$/day .

put interstitial ads on entry and exit, that might be helpful, i use admob and appnext

1.You can use exit ads.
2.offerwall ads too. Ex: I have an offerwall after each level of the game & a timer ad for example after playing the game for 20 minutes I show some ad.

Are exit ad compliant as per current google ads policy?the state ads must be shown with apps, so i believe when one exit app exit ads are to be shown and most load as soon as user returns to home screen or menu are they compliant?

All you have to do to be compliant with your exit ads, is preload them. Show the ad if it’s loaded, if not let the app exit without showing it. Also, don’t overide the home button.

i see.So which ads network has got feature to preload ads?

appnext supports it. Probably some of the others as well.

AdMob does, don’t know about the rest.

ok.Thank you