Need help! Chain ban and virtual cards!

Hello guys! I really need your help!

The matter is that I’ve got a “chain-ban” and all my accounts were terminated!

I tried to make my apps back, but all new accounts with old apps were banned too.

Now I began to use virtual boxes and new proxies. So the first question is – if I should change my applications for new addition? What should I change? Icon, apk, name, description? If I should make a new app?

The second problem that I had to meet is the lack of credit/debit cards. I can buy ready to use Google accounts but they are too expensive! As I read here COMPLETE GUIDE: How To Create Multiple Google Play Developer Accounts - FAQ / How to - Android Profit forums I can use virtual cards. I’ve tried all these services, but they actually didn’t work for me. What virtual card services do you use? Please share info! I really need info and help! Thanks in advance

According to the Google terms & conditions, once your account is suspended, you can’t open any new ones.

And what will you do if your accounts are banned? Will you close your android app business?