Need guidance

Hi Guys,

I am Java developer and I just started to learn Android development. I like it. I want to make it as my full time job. I want to start as freelancer work and want to work on online websites who display projects for bids. My question is that how long it would take to become an Android developer who actually can work as professional if someone know Java. I think it would take 6 months for me to learn all and publish 4 - 5 Apps on Google. Second is there enough projects of Android that one can make at least $2500 per month? Is Android projects are short term projects like few days or a week ?I see lot of developers in market what is scope as an Android developer? Are there enough projects in market to feed all Android developers?

Hi Kevin!
First of all as in any freelance area everything depends mostly on you. How long does it take: depends on how fast you can learn. As far as Android is leading platform there are really enough projects both short and long term depending on the actual app you need to develop or improve.
The only thing I’d rather find some serious company not a sturt-up one at the beginning not to lose time and work for free.

just start your work on fiverr