Need Android App Publishers

Hello All,

I am an Executive at mkMob mobile advertising network ( We are looking for mobile traffic in Asia, Europe, Latin and North America regions. We have numerous campaigns running on the CPC model with excellent CPC bids.

If you are a website developer or app developer(Android or iOS), we want your traffic. Please PM me so we can discuss working together.

Kind Regards.

avg cpc?..

well, if it is a new network, you should write enough information about it:

  • how often do you pay
  • what is the minimum
  • examples of ad types
  • fill rates

and as well as average CPC and etc…


Our average CPCs range from 3 cents to 7 cents. Do you have traffic for Android? Let me know.

you spammed my inbox with 3 messages the same… Not very professional

He has done that to w every one?

I got one too.
Would be OK if much information on the network was included.

Sorry if I sent more than one message to the same user, it was not intentional. Merely spreading word about the network.

akenob. If you are trying to attract developers with alot of traffic then be sure to present all the information upfront as legitimacy is a great concern to people here given Google play strict rules.
AVG ecpm or cpc, pay period, countries supported, type of ads… Etc

3-7 cents per click is shit pay i think this will yeild approximately 50-70 cent ecpm rates

WE can personally work with you to optimize and give you great eCPMs. Please drop me a PM so we can discuss further.

We support all countries but our current strong points are US, UK, DE, TW, Japan, Austrailia, Canada, Egypt, ID, MY, TH, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, France.
Payment period is NET 30.
Ad Types: Banners(Various Sizes), Interstitials and Rich Media.
eCPMs 0.50 to $2.00. Interstitials and Rich media give higher eCPMs