Need an app to scan and read hand writing

I need an app to scan and read hand writing. For example, hand written medical prescriptions. Sometimes pharmacists also get in to trouble when reading medical prescription. Recently, I faced such an incident. If someone know such an app please tell me. I searched a lot to find out such an app.But, I couldn’t find out proper one.

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It would be great if with the help of a special scanner it was possible to make out what the doctor wrote. Interestingly, doctors are taught such writing in medical school? It would be great if we wrote our essays by hand, then we would definitely work out beautiful handwriting. But many of us do it with help of essay writing services uk on computer. It would be great to remember how it is to write letters and texts by hand, this is nostalgia for childhood.

Scanners like these will be a great help to the community. It would be great if it could scan our handwritten essays, so that we won’t to take help from essay writing services.

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