need advice from experienced developers here


I have two educational free and two paid apps in android market.

I get 100 downloads everyday for each of my free apps & 2000 impressions .

I am using millennialmedia as my advertising network. I earn very few from this.

What do you suggest me to use to increase my revenue from advertising network.?

I am thinking to use airpush interstitial ad because i have good impression.

Please help me.

At 100 downloads a day you should concentrate on more downloads- once you reach 50k+ impressions a day then ad networks are worth optimizing.

Bullshit. The ads are well worth optimizing even if you don’t reach numbers such as 50000+ a day!

The hours and hours spent optimizing with coding the mediation, researching, discussing, registering with networks, adding new SDKs, etc. would be better spent making apps that get downloads at this point. If his eCPM is 0.20, then he’s making 0.40 cents a day with 2k impressions.

The 50k was obviously a somewhat arbitrary number.

Point being, it makes more sense for him to work on more downloads. Optimizing eCPM is much more important when you start making the big bucks.

Plus, at 100 downloads a day, there’s not enough data to optimize. Assuming 100 impressions a day, one extra install or one offer completed can change your ecpm from $0.20 to $4.00.

If I were you, I would certainly focus more on getting more downloads at this point.

Once you have the downloads, and lets say it cost you some money to advertise, you can make it all back with a good monetization strategy.

More than ad units, you’d need to worry about what countries your traffic is coming from. Once you have that information, you should focus on Ad Networks that monetize those countries best. And then you can choose from the ad formats that those Networks provide.

Hope this helps.



Let’s do some simple math here.

Most apps shouldn’t be monetized anyways until they reach 10K+ users active, and closer to 1000+ users a day…Why?

Simple…No Ads = People love it, Life is good,

Besides…I’d rather earn 0$ then earn $2.40 or w/e you guy’s earn a day and sit there and be pissed off because I’m not earning more. Figure out how to grow your apps first, then monetize, I mean c’mon…what do you expect 2k impressions is nothing, I do 2k impressions probably every 30 seconds or something like that (Seriously…I do almost a million a day) so 2k is not much and you won’t make much with 2k impressions, So Dan is kinda right.

Also note, if there’s a lot of ads and you don’t have many users, people are going to uninstall and that just makes everything worse…I have an app doing almost 5k installs a day and I haven’t even started monetizing it yet…why? Because I’ll wait until it’s steady 10k+ a day then monetize it, so even if 50% do uninstall (which is fairly high)…I’ll still be doing 5k+ installs a day…and then Google won’t screw up the ranking of my app, because in there eye’s it’s still doing “Good”

Why are you talking to me? I get well over 500 downloads a day :slight_smile:
Also five bucks a day is a lot for me since i’m only 15.

And then when you start you get 10K+ angry users who thought the app was completely for free with no ads. :wink: I personally prefer to show ads from the beginning so people who hate ads just uninstall without leaving a bad review.

I think that on this forum only max 5 people are making real money, without emotions, ethics and just squeeze $ from google play. 99% devs are small, happy when earn couple dollars and thinks that users are smart to delete app when ads appeared. I don’t care angry users, I am pushing ads, spin impression counter, bad review isn’t important(i don’t care it for 1 year). There is a lot of knowlegde how to make installs, avoid bad comments/raiting, build google play position, SEO, make money. But this knowledge isn’t public, some 20-30 people knows these techniques and this knowledge is 1,5 year experience with google play(android market). I think it’s worth more than 100k$.

affiliatex have right :wink:
but some people wants to have 5 stars, some people wants to get milions

Well, I’m doing fine without angering users. But much worse than you of course. :slight_smile: This forum helps tremendously though. I’ll try postponing adding ads in my next game I think. It might give me more downloads in those 30 first days that count the most.