Need Advice for Opening Merchant Account from Other Location

Im a Developer in Uganda, and as you know, Im not allowed yet to sell apps on Google Play.
My most successful app so far has crossed 50,000 downloads recently here it is.

In the app I have some features e.g that I would like to make available only in a Pro Version or after an In app purchase.
At the moment the user can unlock all these features simply by downloading and installing another app of mine and keeping it installed as my app checks for it everytime the user tries to use these features.
This ofcourse has increased its downloads too :-). However I still display ads.

I want to sell these features as in app purchases and also include a “disable ads” option.
Im sure i’ll fetch alot of revenue but I have no merchant account.

In my country however we have Commercial Banks from 2 Merchant allowed countries, i.e UK (Barclays) and US (CitiBank).
But its much much much harder to open a UK account outsyd UK so Barclays is out.
However our CitiBank informed me they can open for me an US Account as long as im a company etc (Thats easy to do)

If say I open this account and they provide me with address etc.

  1. What should my next course of action be?
    2 .I cannot open a Merchant Account via Google Play link but can sign up via… is it the same?
  2. Where Can I get an IRS TIN number from outsyd US?
  3. What thresholds and time frames does Google pay you your money?

And finally
5 .Do I really need a US Bank AC? Or just a Merchant AC from there with an IRS TIN, and payments made via Wire to my non US AC?

You will need a valid US address, a tin number and a US bank account that’s all.

Yes after attaining those, what should I do next.
Coz when I click the merchant account in google play dev console, it says merchant not supported in my country?

Where would I sign up a merchant account?

Login to your wallet account and then change your wallet home address after that you can setup a merchant account

Also please let me know if you are successful

Alright, I sure will.

Any Idea how to get a TIN from outsyd US as a foreign national.
I signed up on Amazon to sell apps, I remember filling a W7 form and I think they verified and gave me a tax identity, I’m not sure.
Dyu think that will work as my TIN