Need Advice About Forced Negative Voting

For about two weeks I’ve had daily forced negative voting for all my apps(especially the most popular). I’m certain that it’s forced voting first because I know how my users vote from expirience and second I get all the negative votes in series at around 15 votes all between 1 and 3 stars and all of them with no comments. I get such series 2 or 3 times a day. I don’t want to ask GP support because if their bots had detected something wrong they would have reacted by now(also in these turmolous time I don’t want to get extra attention on myself).
Can anyone give me advice how I could proceede or if you think that I can’t pass without GP support you can offer me a sample text that will help me clarify the problem and get maximum attention from their side.
Maybe this thread isn’t for this forum section but as I have always posted in this section and all my apps are add supported that’s why I have allowed myself to post it here.