Need a cheap company to build application for me


First, Sorry this thread in a wrong place but i don’t know where i have to put it.

As the title said, I’m looking for a cheap and good company to build my idea.
I’d rather if its from India, (No matter if you suggest another country if they are very good and cheap) if you have any suggestion please give it to me.
My budget is 10000 USD I have the idea but i want a trust and good company to build it.

Thanks, & sorry about my English ^^ - it will suggest you many workers but you can choose people with portfolio and not suggest the price :wink: there are people who can build facebook for $10 :wink:

I can build also but it strongly depends what you want to build. Rest/JSON, android studio apps perfect, unity3d games - i’m just newbi :wink:
Write in PM required skills/libraries, how advanced app should be, don’t worry I don’t need any details to stole your idea. If I decide, I can always sign NDA.

Thank you for your quick response.
Actually I want a company to build my app, so if you suggest a trust and high quality company for me it will be great.

Thanks again,

Price depend on your requirement. And company never offer low price and good service.
If you want both quality and price, freelancer is the best solution (some freelancer is small company)

Thank you mate, you are right that they are offer a high price, but i want to pay a high price to a good & trust company to protect my idea & my money.
I will try freelancer I hope I will find something interesting.
If anyone have another company please mention it.

Do not listen to people from this forum or freelancer.
If you have 10 000 to make your app, imagine that you have only 1000$.

10000 is very enough to make your app in countries like India for example.
My advice to you is to take it really easy and study the market and the portfolio hundreds of times before you start anything.

The ugly truth is that you will never find a reliable company that wants to WORK with you.
Everyone just wants your 10 000 and cannot wait to just finish the app and never talk with you again unless you got more money to suck it from you.

Never forget that they just want your money nothing else.

Trust no one.

Best of luck,

very good point,
I start though about big company that has successful rating in develop application.
Can you please offer me any good company?

I watched a lot of companies some of them are have a nice price but without trust, some of them has a trust and high quality but very expensive :frowning:
I used to find anyone at freelancer, but i don’t trust them with my unique idea so if you offer me some companies it will be great.

Thanks m8

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Do you have any portfolio ?

As my friend said, do you have portfolio?

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