Native ads

Hey, since native ads are all the buzz these days, has anyone integrated them? If so, what networks and CPM / CTR do you get with them? I looked at InMobi and Mopub so far, but didn’t integrate them. Facebook also has native ads.


Hi @monocube,

StartApp also recently launched the Native Ad. We’re available to provide you with close, 1 on 1 guidance on how to build the perfect native ad for your app, using our advanced technology!

So feel free to reach out personally to me, and we’ll think together how to construct a better ad experience for your users.

Here’s my email - [email protected]


Very good question. Been thinking about this for a while. I think I saw a newsletter from MoPub about native ads. Anyone tested them yet? Which other ad networks are offering this and what does it take to integrate?

Very hard to get a definitive answer about average eCPM/CTR, mainly because the native experience is different for each app. That’s the whole point of being “Native”. Having said that, with all the native ads in our network, we are seeing eCPM between 1.5 and 5 times better that an average interstitial. And don’t forget that it’s much less intrusive than other ads.

Whatever network you are using (of course I recomment appnext), you should definitely give it a try. it’s more work for you, but your users will thank you.

I will look up appnext and startapp as well - I’ve been looking at others so far.

The problem I currently see if that they are not standardized by IAB - therefore, I don’t see any possibilities for mediating native ads (at least not with mopub, admob etc.). So basically you’re either stuck with one ad provider or make your own native ads mediation (business opportunity here :slight_smile: ).

@monocube couldn’t agree with you more. Mediation is a lifesaver (and a gamechanger:p) and it’d be great to see this happening for native ads as well. Having said that I am aware that IAB is actually working on standardizing the native ad units. I’ll try to find the article that mentions this. Also, based on my own experience and research I can tell you that more or less all the platforms that offer native ads have similar formats if not identical.

Hi guys,

I though that it’d be useful to the community if I included a (partial) list of ad networks that work on native ads at the moment. Also, I included some comparison parameters but this is far from exhaustive.

Name Android SDK Native formats Ad units
InMobi Yes In-stream and interstitial App installs
Mopub Yes (but open for limited publishers or direct sold campaigns only) Custom ad views App installs
Facebook’s Audience Network Yes (beta) Custom ad views App installs
Avocarrot Yes Interstitial and in-stream (beta) App installs, rewards
AppNext Yes Custom ad views App installs
Sharethrough Yes In-stream only Branded Content

Of course there are other companies doing native and you can add the ones I missed. If you want we can create a document and share it with everyone.

My question for you guys is what you think of native ads? Why would you use them in your app?

As far as I know, MoPub is open for all starting April 23.
I would use them, but with current limitations - no mediation and standardization yet - it will be an additional effort. It would be useful if someone did integrate them and share their experiences (comparison with regular ads). Otherwise we have to rely only on what advertisers say (“up to X times more revenue”). Theory is much more different than practice :).

@monocube apart from mediation what would be your other criteria to decide whether to integrate native ads or not? is it CPM and CTR?

@giorgosera, yup. I need to know the effort is worth it. Native ads do look better, but if they don’t bring extra $, what’s the point? :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree. We build monetization tools for that exact reason…to make money from apps:) We are planning to write a post sharing some of our results in the coming weeks.

Some native ad formats such as in-stream native ads can be used along with banner ads or interstitials which means that you can use multiple ad networks and make extra revenue on top of what you are making now.

There is one point - it reduces the intrusiveness effect on your users. They will more likely be satisfied with your app.
So, of course you want to make more money from ads, but getting more of them to stay longer on your app, will make you earn more in the long run.