Native ads ideas

So, here’s the thing:

Appnext has 2 great tools for native ads. One in API and one in SDK. And they are not the only ones offering native ads.

So, I tried them in a few places, mainly buttons in the app menu, for example. But I need more ideas. Can you help? I think we can all learn from Native ads ideas. They can be great addition to the revenue, without pissing off the users…

Please share and help!

They mostly make sense in-stream. For social apps, that’s the news feed. For a music or picture gallery app, that’s the grid view.

If your app isn’t social but you generate results or have a long scrollable menu, you can embed them in the results’ or menu’s ListView.

Actually most of them are not really social. But the results menu is actually a pretty good idea. Thanks!

What does the button look like in your app?
Do you mind sharing your app URL?

I’m also interested in native ads!!

Nothing really to show. I used my existing menu and added 2 options in my apps:

  1. “App of the week!”
  2. “Best Free Apps”

The main thing is to create the button as an integral part opf the menu. Nothing that stands out. Of course, these buttons are not generating income like the interstitials, but they are not intrusive so the user is not offended. Another $10-$20 per day (for all my apps combined). Not bad.

So actually it’s just a direct link to Google Play? it’s not really a different Native Ads which is loaded every time and show the icon of the advertised App?
I have been trying using a GiftBox icon along with a direct market link from MobileCore but so far isn’t doing very good.

Yes, it’s a ClickTag - leads directly to Google Play. But instead of a generic icon, I can put the actual icon of the promoted app…that might work. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

@thewowser247 if you could share some screenshots of your app’s UI/UX, happy to provide some ideas for additional native ad integrations

Hmmmm…no thanks :slight_smile:
But feel free to share insights from your clients, I’m sure this will be appriciated by all developers here. Always happy to learn more.

No worries - you can always PM me and will try to help.

We do share various insights collected on the blog we maintain - have a look there if you want and you might find something that could be suitable to your unique needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let me know and I’ll pass this along to our content team.

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