My Talking Dog Molly ❤️

:dog2: Virtual pets games have just reached a new level because My Talking Dog Molly is on the stage! This talking dog is your new favorite virtual pet, she is one sweet lady dog that will steal your heart from the beginning! If you want to take care of a virtual dog, Molly is the best candidate.

:dog2: Play virtual talking dog games and step into Molly’s world where fun never stops! Talking animals are many, but Molly is the cutest and the most adorable virtual pet ever! Take good care of her, feed her, bathe her, pet her, play with her and she will give you hours of endless fun.


:dog2: Molly may be a virtual pet, but she needs attention, affection, and love like a real pet. She gets hungry, messy and sleepy and likes playing a lot, so you must take care of her basic needs to make her happy! On the other hand, your talking dog Molly adores fashion, like all girls, so play dress up games with her to entertain her. Change her fur, check out cool outfits and costumes until you find the perfect combination for your virtual pet Molly. You can even change her eye color! You can also change the look of Molly’s house, change furniture, carpet, floor or wallpapers!

:dog2: Molly is one friendly and talkative virtual pet, so talk to her and she will repeat your words! Your favorite virtual pet will definitely make you smile, she will warm your heart and keep you company like a real pet! Love this virtual dog, pet her and take her everywhere you go, play dress up games with your virtual pet, make her happy and she will make you happy in return! Play mini games for kids such as a cool space game, building game or jump game and collect coins to buy cool stuff that your talking pet Molly needs!

:dog2: Virtual pets games are great games for girls but also very popular games for boys! My Talking Dog Molly is a great game for kids who like playing talking animals games! Molly is waiting for you in virtual talking dog games, so come and play with her!


Features of :dog: My Talking Dog Molly :dog::
:star2: High quality 3D graphics
:star2: Funny animations and great special effect
:star2: Excellent dog games app
:star2: Amazing dog simulator game
:star2: Fun mini-games for kids

My Talking Dog Molly is a free talking dog games app - download this cool talking dog app and enjoy it!

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