My report and some questions

First of all Im just another “one man army developer guy” who has decided to develop some android games that will make people happy and hopefully make some money for me.

I make games with Unity3d and go by the name of 3dinteger in the android market. So far I have published 2 android games.

The first one, is a 3d catapult game, and it is pretty much a failure, but it was a first one for me, so a great learning experience.

The second one is a basketball shootout game. Its pretty simple, and the goal here was to make user experience better, so that It gets better ratings then my first game.

So far its been a success, most of the ratings are good, and downloads are good as well.(until now)

Here are quick stats from google play:
40,618 total user installs
20,778 active device installs

The weird thing is, the daily installs were steady growing reaching 3800 one day, and then suddenly started falling like a rock, going down to 700 in a matter of 3 days.

So my question is, why could this be happening? Has anyone else experienced something like that with their apps?

The next part of the story of course is ads. I am using mobclix for that.
Obviously im not rolling in cash yet, but it gives me some stats I can consider once I am ready to pubish a propper game. Right now shows about 50$ revenue in mobclix and about 10$ in admob for basketball game.

The funny thing is that Ive read that admob revenues are very low compared to mobclix, but for my app the eCPM is very similar for both, about 0.60$.

Maybe I have to try that optimization thing in mobclix. Has anyone done that? So far I just signed up for all the networks, and then dumped a couple that were getting a lot of impressions but no money in return.

was the daily install drop around 30 days from releasing the game? You could have been ranking good in the “new free”-category. I had similar experience, because of that.

You are right. The daily install drop is actually exactly a month from the release date.

It is very usual… happened with all my apps. But numbers get better over time.