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My project, Nova Striker

Hello everyone, We released an RPG Shmup game called NOVA Strikers on Google Play.
Hope you guys enjoy it!


  • Stylish graphic style with awesome effects
  • Gameplay: Fast paced, “easy-to-learn but hard-to-master”
  • Deep RPG-style upgrade system with lots and lots of upgrade choices
  • 50 levels of Ammo upgrades for each playable character, with 5 elemental options: Dark, Fire, Water, Electric, Neutral.
  • Upgradable Player Character’s Abilities
  • Summoning assisting Drones with different characteristics.
  • Drone fusing and combining function that can upgrade Drones to level 20 and generate special Drone skills
  • Leagues leaderboard system for players to compete with each others.


Game Screenshot: