My personal experience of how I got great results with paid advertising of apps

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Looking for references of waypedia i found this:
Does anyone have info on | Unity Community

Seems that their install volume is not useful at all…

Getting US only install is tougher because the user demand more monies to install apps.
In countries like tier 3, due to currency exchange, the tier 3 users are willing to install for much less.
You can offer see offers on sites asking users to install apps on their phone and keep it installed for 3 days.
Then they get paid. They will also be provided a list of what apps to download.
But if you are a frequent user who install apps to their service they don’t want you so much as most likely previous campaign your phone has been tracked.
So since tier 3 country users are willing to do for less US$, it is easy to get them to install.
Then the people in the middle of this business will pocket the difference.

Of course besides install, we also have service asking user to do reviews too.

Another business is getting GP accounts. Similar concept applies. We have sites asking developer to register accounts using their name,info etc. Then they pass the password to the middle man. The cost is us$25 per account charged by Google. They will pay developers us40-50. Then this group of middle man come to forums like this to start selling for us60+. They then pocket the difference.

So this whole GP and Android ecosystem has spawned businesses like this, treating installs,reviews,accounts as commodities for sale.


For USA installs they have low volumes for $0.18 nothing more than 100-500 installs from USA per day, but they can do massive volumes at $0.40 CPI.
I know a lot of developers who tried Waypedia for massive USA installs.
you can contact one of the marketing specialists in Waypedia here is his Email: [email protected], S kype: mike.moa

This really does seem like you work for Waypedia =/

This guy isn’t even trying…

Here’s another post by izmouad I found in another thread , and I wasn’t even specifically looking for it:


PM me I can boost your app to get more exposure! I provide real Android installs from real people, the average cost is $0.12. if you want to target only USA and tier1 countries the cost is $0.18.

My Skype: mouad.waypedia[/b]

The thread can be found here:

Here’s a protip: If you’re going to make fake testimonials, at least spend 1 minute to create a different forum account from the one you use to promote your service…

No one said the opposite :slight_smile:

to be honest with you that wasn’t fake at all :slight_smile: I shared my personal method that I was using when I was an indie developer like most of people here on this forum.
I edited the post and report it to be deleted! thanks for your reply though.