My old Android phone crashes a lot. How can I back up the data and transfer when I ge

My old Android phone crashes a lot. How can I back up the data and transfer when I get a new phone?

Hurry! Install Easy Backup & Restore before your phone conks out. It’s a simple app which lets you create backups of your data with just a few taps. Create backups of apps, SMS, MMS, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contacts on your old phone. The app can create backups to SD card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account. You can later use the app to restore the data when you get a new phone

Maybe you can try backing up your data like @Rosemarry Turner has guided and then preform a complete factory reset I am sure your old device will fix itself up and will not keep crashing again and again. I guess in this way you can enjoy your new as well as your old phone for few more years I guess.

Android file Transfertool enables you backup data from Android to computer without any loss. Just have a try, It can transfer everything on your Android. To Manage Android from PC effectively, you can install Android Manager to help you.

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Hi Cathy

There’s so many ways that you can properly backup your current phone and move all the data to a new phone. I’ve had a very bad experience once where I had important information on a smartphone and it fell into water - I couldn’t recover anything from the device and lost it all.

Here’s a few apps I recommend you check out. Also know that if you have a custom rom installed on your phone, or a recovery image, you can also do a backup and restore using the recovery mode on your phone.

My Personal favorite is Mobile Backup & Restore by Avast. This is a really powerful backup/restore app that can store your data in the cloud, so you know it’s not going to be lost if anything happens to your phone.

Lifehacker did a pretty thorough review of this backup & restore app her: Avast! Mobile Backup Regularly Backs Up Your Android to Google Drive

Here’s a link to Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore on the app store:

I can also suggest Ultimate Backup. They have a free and paid version available, and the free version has a lot of features to help you backup your device and valuable data, and restore it just as easily. Ultimate Backup’s latest version also introduced a feature to help you make a backup of your device’s recovery and kernels.

Here’s a link to Ultimate Backup on The Google Play Store:
If you want to check out the paid PRO Version:

Other useful apps that you should also consider:

Helium App Sync and Backup -

For backing up your SMS messages seperately, there’s an app called “SMS Backup +” that can also be downloaded for free here:

You can also look at Rom Manager as it can do more than just manage your roms. It’s got a backup and restore feature built in:

I really hope some of these can be of use to you, and if you need more help - let me know.

It depends on which kind of content you are preparing to back up. If for the whole image, them there are many backup apps available both free or paid, including Helium App Sync and Backup Titanium Backup. However, this will take a lot of time and need more storage.

If you prefer a lightweight backup, then Google is a pretty nice choice. Google lets you backup important data such as:
[/li][li]App data
[/li][li]Wi-Fi passwords
[/li][li]Some phone settings.

IMPORTANT: the Google Backup will NOT backup other important data such as:
[/li][li]Other similar data

You can refer this guide to backup these data as your own preference.

hi, Create backups of evrything you have in your old phone to your memory card

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.

You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app’s data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.

You can use Google Gmail to sync contacts from old phone to your new phone. Backing up your Android device helps to guard against data loss in case the phone malfunctions or is stolen. You can back up data from your Android 5.0 device to your PC in several ways, including using the automatic Backup Account section of the Settings app on the device itself. For text messages, contacts, you can use Android assistant to backup messages to PC. For pictures and videos, use the Photos app on your Windows 8.1 computer.

In my view, if you need take a full backup of your old Android devices, then you can try a transfer tool called android mobile manager. I often use it to backup my sms and contacts, in fact, it can transfer all your media files and apps to computer backup, worth a try.

There are a lot of tool available on internet that can help to backup your data, but I will also recommend that you sync with gmail, it is the easiest way.

Hi, buddy, can your phone be linked with your pc? if yes, download a software, mobikin assistant for android to back up the data of your old phone, and then you can easily import them to your new phone, easy operation, so good i think.

Just remember to back up your important data asap, you will never know when the phone will be broken and can’t be connected to the computer. From my experience, I think the best way is to download a third party software to help you transfer all the data to your pc.

I want to share a useful solution, backup your old data to computer as you like with Assistant for Android. You can backup different types of file as different readable folders. Easy to check and preview on PC. How to backup contacts on android

Both Android manager and Android transfer tool can help you backup everything ofr Android

You can use Coolmuster Samsung Backup to back up the files on your PC in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos. For more info, Coolmuster Samsung Backup also help backup galaxy contacts ,messages to computer.

You can easily transfer the data from your android phone to pc with an android assistant, the data such like text messages, contacts, photos and other media files can be moved to pc , you can also view them on pc, choose whichever you like.

Try Super Backup app. Which is very helpful you to backup all your phone data and This app can create backups to SD card and later you can restore all your data to your new device.