My new app still not visible on developer page on Google Play?


I’ve published a new app 3 days ago, and here’s the situation:

  • I can access the app with a direct link on Google Play website.
  • I can see the app on my developer list in the Google Play mobile app on my phone
  • If I search my developer name on Google Play, the new app is listed with all my other apps
  • But if I click on my developer name, my new app is the only one, that’s missing from the list

Any ideas, what could be wrong? Did this happen to anyone else?


Same here. I’ve released on 6 jan. Wasn’t visible until now. Today also google updated stats for 6 & 7 jan. They had some problems probably.

Same here… I uploaded it yesterday… :smiley:

Google Play is always breaking on some level. Should be fine within a week or so.

Thanks guys, it’s good to know, that this problem is not specific to me and my account. :slight_smile:

Well like @A1ka1inE said, Don’t worry this will be fixed after a week it always happens when you publish a new app ! :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s fixed and visible. Finally. :slight_smile:

Great ! Good to hear that now I guess you might want to showcase your application over here ! :smiley:

Whenever you can access the direct link, your app is fine. Whenever you cannot access the direct link within 24hours, 90% it is banned by Google

Correct, but it looks like over here @OP can see the direct link to his app which means his app doesn’t get banned from the Google !