My new app and my first post

Hello, I’m new in this forum.

I developed an app for hidden recording with your cellphone. You can encrypt, decrypt, upload to Dropbox, protect it with password, schedule a recording and set the duration.

The fact is: it’s very complicated to record without a preview in Android and I would need you to test the app and if it works or wether not, say your device and Android version. It’s on the Google Play and it has AdMob set… could I publish here the link? how could I do it?


Hi to publish a link to your app, just use this URL with your own package name of your app. See this page for more things you can link, like all of your apps: Linking to Your Products | Android Developers

Does your app record phone calls? That’s another hurdle to do that on android.

Hi XdebugX, thanks for your quick reply.

This would be my APP.

I have developed also one for recording calls, but the same happens. Due to hardware features, devices are not able to execute the CONSTANTS of voice recording. I could upload the app as well and you try it, do you want it?.

Nah, I don’t need it. I was just wondering if you had been able to do it, because I’ve dabbled in some recording features of android and I know about all the problems trying to record from the device stream.

Nice apps and good ideas. I also interested to making android apps.

Nice & Interesting ideas. All the best.

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my app link is[/QUOTE]