My monetization is very wrong! Can anyone help me?

Hi all,

I just joined the forum. I’ve been reading it for the past hours and a bit depressed at myself as my current revenues are completely ridiculous. I can see that there are a look of people making some good money with their apps/games and I am far from it.

Here’s a little bit about my apps/games portfolio:

I am developing apps since September 2012. I haven’t been since 2012 actively developing apps and just in 2015 did I really decide to focus on this and try to make some money.

App 1, finance - launched 2012. 9051 downloads, 1377 active downloads, 45 daily users. Uses admob banner, chartboost interstitial. Last 30 days 5 USD revenue.. It took me about 100 hours of work on this one.
There is also a “Pro” version of this app, that costs about 2 dollars. 71 purchases in total

App 2, game/education - launched 2013. 48542 downloads, 8073 active downloads, 50/60 daily users. Uses admob banner, admob interstitial and chartboost reward. Last 30 days 4.5 USD revenue.. I took me a good 300 hours to get everything done in this game.
Also launched for IOS (USD 1.5 in 30 days) and Amazon (USD 1.0 in 30 days)

App 3, game/puzzle - launched 2015. 97 downloads, 37 active downloads Uses admob banner and admob interstitial. Last 30 days 5.30 USD revenue.
Also launched for Amazon and iOS.

Apps 4 to Apps 11 (8 apps in total), personalization/wallpapers - launched in 2015 all. ~1450 downloads (all apps), 400 active downloads (all). Uses admob banners and admob interstitial and one of these 8 apps is also using StartApp as a test. Last 30 days 5.15 USD revenue.

11 apps in total.

So, all in all, last month I’ve made:
Admob - 31.73 US
Chartboost - 1 US
In-App and App Sales - 1.15 US
Total: 32.76

As you can see, I made $1.05 per day with 11 apps. If you ask me I think that’s pretty crap.

May I ask what you guys think? Any suggestions ? Should I invest on incentivized CPI for my Education Game that is my biggest hit? Should I explore other ad networks like MobileCore (I see a lot of people talking about that one here). Maybe I should stop making games and focus on Apps?

Any suggestion appreciated guys!

Thank you

Adding the links to the apps:

App 1 -
App 2 -
App 3 -

The wallpapers doesnt matter much, just copy past very low quality apps.

Your daily active users are too less. It wasn’t surprise to just earn ~$1 per day.

Yeah, that totally makes sense.
Do you have any suggestion on how to improve my user acquisition? Thanks!

the reason for low earning is that most of your users are really old users - a typical life cycle of an App is just 2 years.

Just do a quick burst of 5000+ CPI isntalls from ayet or app2top i, concentrating on EU/NA countries, and you will enjoy a great result, I promise.

will definitely do it, mate.
I just changed my ad network to Appodeal and will monitor for the next 2 weeks and if all goes well, I will get 2k installs in UK

as a test, 5 days ago I bought 600 USA downloads,which is nothing. But I got ranked for the first time in USA in my category, number 476. So i believe it works!

wise choice of country, I think a burst of 3k from the UK is better than anywhere else, after all, 3k can get you much higher on the Google Play charts in UK than US and British people are more intellectual than the US counterparts.

yes, Appodeal is v. good, I guess you may achieve $1.5-2.5 ecpm with it
good luck :wink: