My Mobile App Success Story: from 30k to 100K App Downloads in 1 Month


My Meditation app is a startup project that learn to manage the stress in human life and improve their overall health.
Country: USA
Installs: 30К
Platform: Android, IOS

[LEFT]My Success Story with MoPeak

After app launching in September, my team started to look for a smart and measured solution in order to increase our daily installs. I ordered installs from different companies. Most of them provided poor ASO and quite expensive app reviews. Therefore, I was constantly searching for companies that provide more quality services. At one of the conferences about mobile app development and app promotion, my colleagues advised me MoPeak mobile marketing services.

In order to meet my need for aggressive growth, our team started to use [b]MoPeak[/b]. This was the beginning of our story together.

Since then, they have increased our organic visibility by 220%, increased app’s downloads by 240%, and increased app’s category ranking (in Health & Fitness category) by 2.5X! This has led to being featured on the Google Play and App Store on four occasions, reaching the top 10 on the Google Play and top 20 on the App Store of the USA app charts on a number of occasions. In September, my Meditation app reached over 100,000 downloads on Android and iPhone!

MoPeak have been significant in reaching the top charts for our Meditation app on both App Store and Play Store. They have helped in every aspect of marketing Strategy, from app store optimization and New Professionally graphics designed execution through to Android and IOS app installs and reviews… We were even recently featured on App Store as a result of MoPeaks’s good work!

Thank you sharing this information.I always choose AppRank PRO for keyword installs . It gives 100% genuine results for my apps . My apps are in the top 10 chart now . They provide keyword analysis too .

When my friend had developed his first application he was inspired to get a whole of installs and assumed his application would be standing out the other simular apps.

But as practice showed the main gaps which were accured and some expectations were not satisfied:

  1. Absence of testing. Before launching App in Store – you need to be sure it works properly, your app should be user friendly and work with no hitch.:cool:

  2. Advanced App Store Optimization. That is the head ache when you miss this step, you do waste your time while waiting the spike of downloads for your app.
    ASO(App Store Optimization) is the improving your App by keywords. Due to this – your app is ranked in app store search result and is visible for users who perform the search for your kind of app. The high quality providers of ASO isKeenmobi company (the reliable provider of app promotion service).:eek:

  3. Weak PR campaign.
    I really do not understand those developers who not do any effort to demonstrate his application for the world. I think your app need to be seen, checked and you need to get feedback from others to understand what you have done and what you need to do more to create something new and better. So for this reason you need to be in touch with your audience share with updates, be present on social networks, have your app page and site.

  4. Do not neglect the classic marketing tools.
    Use local magazine, publish an article about your app, cooperate with other businesses and exchange the promotion activities, place QR codes on different kinds of brochures and newsletter.

  5. Use email marketing
    Here you can use news hooks, spread information about your app updates, new features and different kinds of quizzes.


Thanks for sharing a success story! We used social media and our own ASO team to get more downloads. When we reached 80 - 90 000 DAU, we started to get decent revenue from app monetization.

We used interstitials+banners+ rewarded videos for app monetization. And we also used data monetization as the additional revenue source. In 2 months we had approx $6 000 ad revenue. If you want to hear tips on ad placements, pm me, I’ll tell you everything that worked for me