My income reports, i need some opinion

Hi all, nice to meet you
First of all sry for my bad english, i will try to explain my problems in some way :slight_smile:

I started to publish apps in 2013, mostly on playstore but also on Opera, Getjar, Slideme and sometimes on Amazon. I tried also on Samsung but to pass their test i probably need to become God.

I have 30 apps, only 5 are successful apps and these is a report of the last 30 Days on Admob ( i started to show 1 Interstitial per session and a banner in the bottom part of the screen)

Req 1.443.526
Impr. 1.407.017
Click 12.612
RPM req 0,90%
RPM impr 0,62 €
0,64 €
income 901 euro

Now i ask you if i can add more networks and in this case i need tips and opinion on some google play store allowed monetization networks (i need users opinions and not only spam post :slight_smile: ) Thank in advance, very nice and helpful community!

You should try showing more ads. Show an interstitial at launch or exit as well as the one you currently do.
Experiment with your banner refresh rates and how they look in text form (to match the them of your app better).

You could try chucking other networks into the mix for interstitials.
I personally highly recommend mobileCore, StartApp or AppNext. All 3 networks are easy to integrate, hold up strong eCPMs and have good support in my experience.
If you are interested you can even sign up through my signature links for small bonuses.

I wouldn’t bother with SlideMe, GetJAr or Opera, unless you are seeing good downloads from them already.
In general, the only worthwhile stores are Google Play, Amazon and Samsung.

Thanks for our answer, i think i will try startapp:
problems with google playstore?
Payment by paypal?

StartApp’s interstitials and banners are obviously compliant with Google Play. There’s no total guarantee with their “Search Box” SDK if you choose to use that.
Saying that they’ve run that unit since last August when Google updated their ad policy and there haven’t been any bans etc.
And yes they pay by Paypal or Wire (maybe others too).
Hope that helps!

i can vouch for appnext, try them

Appnext are good marketing guys but technically I don’t like them, almost all my crashes are from appnext.

I would suggest Admob ads at launch, because it is CPC network, and user can click accidentally.

And startapp interstitial on exit, as they pay nice for CPA.