My Income Report

Here is my Income Report, I only make live wallpapers, I hear people say over and over there is no money to be made but I can prove you all wrong.

Airpush = $120+ a day all apps are outside google play Samsung, opera, Mobango, Mobile9, etc

Startapp $40-50 a day - all apps on Google and Samsung

Leadbolt $10 a day Did $1500 a day with them in 2012 but now they suck, wtf

Revmob $10 a day

Senddroid $25-40 a day

Mobvista $10 a day

I use 1 SDK per app and I do not stack ad Sdk’s

In the time it takes to make 1 app I can make about 25-40 Live Wallpapers. Each Live Wallpaper may only make like 10 cents to $2.00 a day but if you have 100’s lwp apps them nickel and dimes add up quickly.

Total Take Each day approximately $200-240 about $6000-$6500 a month, plus I make $300-$600 a month from my website with adsense.

My best Ever Month was $40,000 back in February of 2012 $18,000 from leadbolt and $22,000 from airpush that month. Had 5 apps go viral that month. Paid cash for a new car.

You are playing it smart.

  1. How many account you maintain as it is very risky to have so many live wall papers in single account?
  2. I am assuming you just replace the animation in the live wall papers created by you with similar splash, settings and other screens across these lwp’s.

Very good. U r making a very nice income. Do u still use push ads?

Is this job full time or parttime. To manage 100 apps is tiresome

Can you advise on where is best to put the ads?
I have a couple of LWPs that I would like to monetize.

Nice technique , many apps with small amount = more revenue
but as the nature of LWP , there is no user engagement , so how do you place your ads ?

Also, are you using live wallpaper creator?

Are you using any service to publish apps to multiple appstores?

nice stats! im also curious to see where you put your ads?

also which stores out side of google play do you think is good?

Are you doing all the LWP apps under 1 google play account?

A noob asks; how do you show ads with Live Wallpapers? I mean, where do you place them?

Well done! It would be nice if you can tell us what kind of ads you are using in your LWPs (on Google play and Alternative stores).

It would appear he hasn’t put his apps on the Play Store because he uses push notifications like Leadbolt that aren’t allowed on the Play Store. It seems like it would be difficult to monetize a live wallpaper in any other way.

Very good results man!