My Google Account is HACKED - (Adsense/Admob/Youtube too are all stolen!! NEED HELP)


This is really a serious matter and a huge problem for me!
Today (06/02/2015) My google account (gmail) has been hacked : the hijacker has changed my password, my recovery email and has typed in his phone number as I haven’t typed in mine already ), I lost now access to all google services, the biggest ones are : Adsense, Admob and Youtube as I’m making my daily living from them, I’m afraid the hijacker deleted my android applciation or changees the payee name or delete my content. and now I’m total Horror

I don’t know how can I get my account back, However,
I have an ID proving my identity, I still have access to my old recovery email, I know a few emails wich I contacted recently, (I have a keystore for my application wich means i’m the only one who can update it ), so i don’t know if that could help

Please guys help me to recover my account as this is important for me, and without it, I ll really have a bad time as it’s my income source!

He cannot delete your app he could just unpublish your app which you could republish later.

Also refer this thread .

All right, can he change the payee name on admob? and get paid for my earnings?

If he did not enabled 2step verification on account you can back into account…
I can help you if 2 step is not enabled…

it is enabled by the way … what are my last hopes? and what’s the limit of what he can do?

Follow the instructions here?

How the hijacker fell into your account? You give your google password on any 3rd party web? To someone you know? If you know something can be helpful.