My game icon was used by another app

Hello all
So I woke up this morning to see that a developer copied my app icon and used it as an icon for his app.

What should I do here? What are my options?
Any suggestions/experiences are appreciated

I think you can report it. There is a link below the page of his app.

Use the Email Developer link at the bottom of their app page and ask them to remove it or else you will report it.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

If they stole the icon, why give them the chance?

Good answer

There might be something else to the story EG They paid a fiverr gig to create a logo and they stole it.

I would send an email to the developer first.

Well, the best option would be reporting that app and that application will be woops out of the Google PlayStore ! Don’t worry much about it as Google know how to take care of things like this ! :smiley:

That’s no excuse. Everyone knows their competition and who would honestly blindly upload an icon they paid some stranger to make?

Gee i don’t know maybe the 2000+ people (thats only looking at the front page) you can see that have placed orders on Fiverr gigs for app icons?

I am not talking about how many people you think get their icons of fiverr. I am talking about the fact that no self respecting developer would hire someone to make an icon and not know what their competition’s icons looked like.

The fact of the matter is that if you purchase content from someone you don’t know and then publicly post it as your own, you are at fault if that content breaches IP laws/content policies etc.

I reported the application to Google (using the copy right infringement form). I would’ve emailed the developer first but honestly, I was worried he would be dirty and then report me first accusing me of stealing it. I didn’t want to deal with Google on proving why I am the owner (that’s assuming no bots are actioning the form)… So i reported it. That was 2 days ago.
Hopefully it will work.

And no it is not an innocent mistake because it ranks like 3 spots after me so obviously he is intentionally stealing traffic

@hanfoosh all the best. Sometime sending appeal can backfire, I hope it doesn’t happen in your case.

BTW if u don’t mind, what is the category/niche of that app. Don’t reveal the app name here.

Thank you. Its been 4 days since the appeal and no action yet.
It is a Cards Game

So what happened did Google put an end to the application icon that some other developer has copied or … ?? You have mentioned the end answer over here at all !

So google didn’t action it. What I ended up was emailing the developer. He was actually respectful and (looked like to be nooob). He told me I just searched images on Google and used it and it looks like it was yours. He said he will change it within a week.
I did warn him to watch out as I was nice enough to email him. Some people may get him in trouble

Soo. I had to take it in my own hands lol

As expected. Google doesn’t give it any manual check. All they care is automated checks.
You have to be lucky for your appeal to be looked by humans.