My first PC port seems to be on steam soon

Two years ago, I made a PC Port of my Game “Robo Miner” which was quite successful on android devices - I published the PC Port to Desura and also on Steam Greenlight. The later one is now (655 days later) approaching the upper ranks (ranking at #96 as yesterday). The game was made with libgdx so the porting process was quite straightforward except, that I tried to make more out of the available screen size/resolution.

This is mor a hobby project for giving fans of the game the oportunity to play the game on PC - have a read: Top 100 at Steam Greenlight after 655 days | DEV BLOG

I hope for having a bunch of sales once it is published on steam so I can fund my other projects with the additional income.

Long way to go for a mobile port :slight_smile: But not impossible (I think - it’s not done yet)

Let us know how it goes. What did you use to port it?

I use libgdx - libgdx is crossplattform capable for several plattforms so that made the process pretty easy, I just have to care about different technical aspects which are different on android (i call them plattform callbacks) for saving and such stuff.

Yeah, I use libGDX too. :slight_smile: What I wanted to ask was how do you pack the jar into an executable for Steam. :slight_smile:

ah ok, sorry :slight_smile: I’ve just forgotten about that. I’ve tried several tools out there with mixed result. I also did a mac-package but I have to admit I never tried it and I do not know if any one ever has…

I used launch4j to pack the pc version, which was the only thing which actually worked and I invested a lot of time to make me a configuration which I can reuse.

To be honest there ARE some problems with those and one user reported, that it wont start, luckily he was able to start the .jar directly (which is no problem if you have java installed). The launch4j exe checks for appropriate java installed but seems to have problems with 32/64 bit versions… even eclipse has troubles with that. java is a pain in the a… this check was the problem, not the exe itself.

Unfortunately desura wanted an exe for me and I have to see, hoe things will work with steam.

Thanks. Wouldn’t including your own jre be better (in the exe)? Shame robovm doesn’t support Windows, it would make it a blast to release.

Half a year later:

Unexpectedly, Robo Miner was greenlit earlier this year and I tried my best to make everything ready for releasing. There was all that tax stuff an making the assets ready and having everything optimized for PC as well.

Finally it’s done - Robo Miner for PC has gone LIVE today and is now available on STEAM! click here: Save 15% on Robo Miner on Steam

It’s quite an experience for me and my main goal is to learn as much as possible for my upcoming game relases - I am also very curious about all that stuff and I am excited as well. I am also nervous about reviews, general user acceptance, because in the end it is still a mobile game port, and we all know you cannot have only good reviews.

I cannot tell you much about sales and other confidental stuff, but I stick to my statistic windows with a small smile on my face, watching my first game being present on the largest game platform available. And I am a bit proud of my little Robo Miner :wink:

To be honest I have yet to hear of someone who had ANY problems because he disclosed his earnings (if I remember correctly some ad networks have similar “confidentiality” agreements that everyone ignores). But I understand if you are afraid of the NDA.

33 seconds into your video, sounds like you got an email!