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my first game income report after one month

Hi friends,

It has been one month since I published my first game “Shadow Knight” in google play. So, I decided to share my analysis and my income report.

game link:

Blog link:

share your suggestions if any … thank you

It really good progress :slight_smile: . You got a lot of downloads from Opera Store! Did u do anything to promote or market it?

Nope… I never promoted opera link…

Good work. I was amazed by the downloads from Opera store. I’ve never heard about it, but instantly got interested.

I think your game deserves more downloads. Keep on updating it and i hope you the best.

Thanks alot… But I got to know many details in the process of promoting my game… Updating my game is not going to do the work… Anyway it was my test project to through a stone in google market and analyze the ripples … It worked out pretty good…

How do you know where the downloads are coming from (Google, Amazon, Opera, etc.)?

There are developer consoles for each store… There we can get the number … I know why you got that doubt , the thing is Google Play is combining these numbers if it had then as you said it will confusing how many downloads are from google… Its bad that the numbers are not synched though … :frowning:

Not bad at all. My app with over 5000 downloads only makes 1-2 dollars a month. Maybe it’s because I use Airpush? Or user retention…

One of my apps has only 5000 users and makes 1$/day.

Thats good, how many downloads and how many active users are there currently? How old is the game and what ad networks you use?

It has 10500 total downloads, 5300 active users. Most of users are from U.S. It’s not a game, it’s simple app. It’s 2 months old.
No marketing at all, just good icon, screenshots and title. It’s quality app, rating is above 4,5. Hoverer, most of DAU are new users. I am using admob.

Thats awesome … Good job friend … I wish I too can get downloads like you… Thank you for sharing info… All the best

Hi I have posted my strategies on placing ads in my blog… all please have a look…