My first app, 100,000 downloads within first 3 month.No money spent on advertising.

As I said I wish you guys had better contacts.
There is more than admob when it comes to monetization.
Secondly why are you so pissed?
I would love to see your first app though.
And the main topic was of how i got the downloads of my first app.
And how others could get it too.As it is almost impossible to be even noticed these days with so much money spent on advertising by the other big guns.
If you think I am excited and how i want the world to know about my cool app,then no dear,it is not the point of this discussion thread.And neither was how much we make in our daily lives so save it.The only reason why I brought that 60k figure up was because some one said that it was unrealistic to expect making 100k a year with a music player.It was not to hurt your egoistic ass.
And about the figures,I just told you what 2 brokers in app business told me when they are making 150k $ a month doing the same thing ,so i would assume that they know more about this app selling and buying thing more than you.
I never said i would make 100k $ with admob in an year.Go and read again and try not to be pissed this time just because your first app was a failure even when the market was not saturated back then.

I am not angry :stuck_out_tongue: just amused, have a nice day :wink: good luck

Same to you :slight_smile:

Great job bro! Keep up the good work!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Great job and thanks for your sharing.

How’s the app coming along now?

well same,getting about 2000+ downloads daily.
I wish to remove all the bugs and port it to tabs and add features to improve the retention ratio.

That’s not too bad, eh?

I would imagine it’d be worth it, as you have a top-20 music player.

Just curious, would you mind messaging me:

a) Some samples/templates of your common posts (when you were promoting you app; i.e. via Twitter, reddit, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, etc.)
b) A list of every site that you self-promoted on (i.e. Facebook, reddit, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)?

I’m probably going to be in that position in a few weeks, which is why I’m asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, I found it interesting that your number one selling point was the UI. I’m creating an app right now that [I think] has some very important, unrivaled functionality. At the same time, I’m really going for a great/clean/intuitive UI, too.

Awesome man, I’ll Install it and give it a try :slight_smile:

here is a list of some copy paste messages which I use,feel free to use them

Very awesome! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

P.S. Best of luck with your undergraduate studies. Computer Science by any chance?

Yeah wbu and where are u from :smiley:

That’s a Great story Man! Good look!

Yeah I am writing a book on this story

Wow this is stunning! You were really keen on making this work and it paid off. Nice work! May I ask how many active users (like the average base you have that uses your app) you have and how much revenue you are making right now?

United States.

how did you manage to upload your app to the Chinese market? I checked your list, they are asking for Chinese mobile number during the registration.
could you please explain to us how you did it.

thanks and congrats on your success

Thank you,and i never uploaded my app on the chinese market .

Yea I was I am still very keen on making it the best music player in the android market.

I made 700$ this month(670$ from ads-remove 120 from it,it will be deducted as a correction,and fake clicks etc will be removed )+ 160$ from paid version.

I have 30,000 active users right now