My first android game !!

This is my first game i just uploaded on Play Store what is your reviews?
New url

I have checked your app. It is really interesting and fun!
But, for better app ranking I can advise you to pay attention at your description and done well with your ASO, because it needs improvement.
If you will have any questions with ASO and keywords which must be included there feel free to ask :wink:

Thanks mopeak , it means a lot to me . I will add more words to my description ,and if i have any problem i will contact you :smiley:

nice gamee!

Thanks a lot :smiley:

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Hey Nixa,

My congrats regarding your first app!

Below I will share tips which I would use in order to conquer your auditory.

[li]Be bolder. There are millions of games in Google Play which are ready to tear the competitors and use tricks of boosting traffic to be visible for their audince. Forget about modesty - it is your time to be a Star you have come a great way in this app development - so do your app to stand out from other similar app. Order app installs and boost your traffic in order to increase app position and visibility in Store.
[/li][li]use marketing tools - ASO will increase your app search ranking positions and you will get tons of organic installs as result. [b]KeenMobi[/b] is regarded as a leader in ASO implementation and can bring you a lot of positive changes in Store as result. So do not miss your chance.
[/li][li]get alternatives marketing tools - SMM is powerful and you do can use the word of mouth to get your app decently promoted.

awesome game

Thank you all , i just uploaded new link of my game :smiley:

Cool game man!

Match Master is very wonderful game. The beauty of this game is to gain knowledge with fun. It is for all age users. It it innovative concept and appreciate the efforts of makers for this game.

Download on Google Play, a Simple and Fun Way to Recall Your School Days

I can promote it with very cheap price even 0.0X dolloar.

Congratulations. And here give you some app promotion methods which can help your app gain more downloads and help increase your app exposure in the app store.

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Doing App Store Optimization
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  1. Using simple but attractive app title, also add hot keywords in the title.
  2. Add keywords in the subtitle.
  3. Creating an eye-catching icon and video to attractive more users download your app.
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  7. Get your app featured in an official blog

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Make your app be featured by app store
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Advertise for your app
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