my first Admob Report am i doing oky?

hey guys :smiley:
i wanted to become android developer since i bought my first smartphone GS2 in 2011 and it took me months to learn everything from A to z case i had no any programming experience at all so i created 2 wallpapers apps and started to monetize them and here is my report since 20 days
total downloads about 40k and active users about 19k and here is my admob report
my ecpm is ranges from 0.40 to 0.82

i was thinking to use airpush for notification ads just once daily + admob to increase my profits
so what do you am i doing oky ? any tips ? thanks in advanced

Congratulations on releasing your first apps! Actually I think you’re going great. When I first started out I was making less than $10 a month. :slight_smile: 40k downloads in a month is a good achievement.

If you’ve got wallpaper apps, using some kind of push notifications / icon ads is probably the most effective way to monetize them. Banner ads simply aren’t going to be seen very often. It’s just a matter of whether your users are going to be upset by “intrusive” advertising that appears when they’re not actively using the app. This is a topic of some debate in the developer community, and in some ways it will vary from app to app.

There are a few networks which offer push/icons, including Airpush, SendDroid and LeadBolt. StartApp also offer icon/bookmark ads. All of these networks require the user to opt-in before receiving ads (this is required by the new Google Play policies).

So if you want to get started with some extra ad formats, I hope this advice will be useful. As I mentioned, some people will say not to use push notifications, others will say it’s fine. This is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Personally I’ve just started using StartApp in one of my larger apps. The revenue is good, but some users are complaining about it being detected as a virus. So there are pros and cons to these kind of networks.

Great numbers there, especially if you’ve just started out!

I will re-iterate what @david said. I use different ad types in different apps, depending on different factors like niche market, nature of app/game, geographies and so on.

Good luck and I hope to see you about the forum!

thanks guys for your encouragement but i got 2 enquirers my current impressions are 305k and revenue is 135$ with fillrate 98% is that oky? and how i can request bank transfer from admob ? thanks

adMob will transfer the money automatically at the beginning of the next month (or this month, depending on how much you’ve earned last month). You only need to fill the payment details properly.