My experience with leadbolt

I joined leadbolt because my previous app was banned by admob. On the first week leadbolt pay the same as admob. Then after that it drop and drop until it is 1/3 of my previous daily earning. My total install however grow by 4000 a day. WOW.

feel completely scammed. Any options for a app with banner.

Please do not reply with your affiliate anwser, sick to hear mobilecore and startapp.

Use mediation - then you can easily test networks and use like 5 or even 10 of them.

When did you integrate the new network? Admobs performance is also not as good as it was back then, so the first possibility is that your performance would also not be this good with Admob now. The second thing is: You mentioned your installs grew. Lower income is normal when you get suddenly more new users and installs. Most earnings come from returning users.

appnext, appbrain.

I use another admob account, yes it is risky but revenue rise 400% .

Second this. Use mopub, fyber, mobfox, even admob’s mediation. If one network doesn’t perform you just pause them and shift traffic to another.

Hi Onlun99,

Sorry to hear your experience with other networks. At Airpush our earnings are consistent for publishers and will not drop as drastically as your mentioned. I would like to recommend our Bundle 1 SDK for Google Play. It includes our new 360 abstract banners (which perform 5 times better than regular banner ads), traditional banners, smart wall and pay per download. You can review our demo site here - Airpush Publisher Demo

PM me to chat more.


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