My experience as a startapp advertiser

– post edited : Maybe it was a problem on browsing the offers and not startapp traffic problem

Hi, thank you for the post, I’m in the same situation as you. I created 3 or 4 good offers and I have 500+ clicks with no conversions.
This is not normal, have you solved the issue ?

Can you tell me your Skype ??
Thank you very much.

Hi :slight_smile: nothing the only solution that i’ll do is to never use their service .

StartApp will ban you at any time when you reach time of your payout. If somebody need proof, get back to me I will show you emails they sent to justify their stealing process. At any cost they will take away developers money, As of now Admob is the best I felt. They will notify you at least if your account get into some errors and they wont steal your money.

My experience with screenshot of emails from them

My Experience with StartApp Ad Network (With Email Proof) ? Keralamedia.Online