My earnings over the last week. Are they below average/average/slightly above average

AdMob stats:

Visitor stats over the same time:

How are these? How can I improve? Right now I’m using one AdMob banner at the bottom of the main screen.

Your doing good man. The only way to improve is to find more ways to drive traffic and keep users in your app. Integrate facebook, social aspects etc. Give users incentives for sharing your app with friends etc.

Good job so far. Keep it up.

What type of app is it? Very good Avg. Session Duration!

you can make more money with those kind of impressions…mainly add admob banners…with 50k impressions and no refresh rate…i make around 60-80$ per day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more spots to add a banner but I did include an interstitial since this post. $60-80 per day sounds incredibly high, how many banners is it? What’s your average impression CTR/RPM?

sorry…i meant admob interstials…they will earn you a lot more…atleast twice than banners.

How many downloads do you have daily? I hope it is a game

How do you set the refresh rate for AdMob? I couldn’t find that setting anywhere.

  1. Hover/Click on your Application in Admob
  2. It will show “Reporting” and “Manage Settings”
  3. Click on “Manage Setttings”
  4. Go to “App Settings” tab in next page

there u can set refresh rate.