My description is being copied on google play !

Hello, im sorry but i didnt know where i should put this post, recently i have found out that my downloads are decreasing significantly, when i checked google play, i found another app that has the same description as mine but less downloads, and i dont know how its above me in the list !! i told one of my friends and he told me that the same thing happened with him and that he reported on the other developer and that his account was banned, im not sure how to report on him ? where ? or what should i tell them ! help please !

Try here:

You can also try and post to to gain some exposure…

should i flag is as other objection ?

Either that or unlawful activity.

i flagged it, but i didnt send the link to my app in the description ! should i do that again ?and is there any hope that this guy gets banned ? :frowning: my downloads is now only 400 after they where 5000-6000 per day

Well, you didn’t sent the link so how will they compare?
What’s the problem in sending your link?..

To me this looks very odd. Maybe you was in top 100 (or 50) for some countries (two or more) and then you dropped so naturally your downloads too.

I actually forgot to send them my link, but they sent me an email asking for more details, i sent everything i can, (screenshots and links) and no neko i have actually seen his app and on the search he appers above me because he has my descripton :frowning: !

Some good links here - did you use the Google takedown page ? So you got a fast response from Google - that is good considering their lack of response on stuff related to admob etc.

The reddit link has some really copy-cat examples - some apps where the icon is copied and the name.

Google Play Store Axes 60,000 Low-Quality Apps - HotHardware
Google Play Store Axes 60,000 Low-Quality Apps
Monday, April 08, 2013 - by Seth Colaner

That is like 10% of all apps being cleaned in one month (according to article estimate of 700K total apps).

yeah i used takedown, im not sure if its an automatic respond tho lol ? i sent them back with all the information i could but still till now no progress ! :frowning:

I’ve had a lot of people copy my descriptions (and apps) and I haven’t had any luck taking them down. Eventually I realized it’s just a cost of doing business and made new ones.

You know this might be one of the techniques being sold - you know the ones that folks sell for $300 etc. The standard way this would be done is that a hostile takeover artist would publish a new app with YOUR app description (hopefully in the same area) - instead of doing SEO etc. on his description he chooss to cherry-pick or go shopping for apps on Google Play which are rising (and knows that it is because of keyword search) - by doing so his own app reduces risk and gets on the fast track with a known description that is working with Google Play.

However, there maybe a downside to this - i.e. two apps with similar description may have the more recent one being favored (the idea perhaps being that Google thinks this is an upgrade app perhaps and should be highlighted v.s the old one).

I have seen from 2 apps with similar descriptions that one is in rankings but other is not (now I have attributed that to perhaps changing of Category once or twice which may have caused that) - but it could also be that for apps with similar Descriptions, Google may remove one from rankings … in any case just a conjecture … but would explain the behavior reported above (i.e. original owner downloads DROP - while that for the takeover app rising).

It is possible the Google Play algorithm assigns a “spot” in the landscape of keywords for an app description - if two apps are very close in that space (as in multi-dimensional space) - then they may inhibit each other or maybe the newer app wins over the older or something).

Anyway … this is just guesswork.

This also points to an answer to the earlier question (in other threads) - of what to do with apps with bad initial ratings, or whether to reissue an app.

EDIT: Earlier thread:

I had suggested that one could change title of earlier to “Beta” - and issue a new app with same description etc. and same title as previous app - and one MAY be able to rapidly regain the position.

If this is so - then it may have been instituted by Google PRECISELY to deal with upgrades by publishers (i.e. why penalize publishers for app upgrades or “App 2” versions). If that was the intent - this is exactly how they would do it - i.e. allow two apps to have same Descriptions - just remove the older one from consideration.

If this is so - it MAY be a relatively problem-free move from an old app with bad ratings etc. to new one.

However, while ratings have been deemphasized by some - since can be manipulated etc. (and presumably is the whole reason to issue an “App 2”) - I would suspect that Google would have an algorithm that looks at the shorter-term ratings stats (i.e. ignoring very old ratings) - what this would do is be fair to apps which are improving in ratings - and to value such apps similarly with apps which are from the start getting same proportion of 5-star vs. 1-star ratings …