My City App!

The app will tell every minute details of city like tourist places, shopping places, parking space and lot more.

Nice idea:thumbup:

apps like this are terrible ideas because there is no source of credible, verifiable content. unless you have thousands of users feeding you that data, you will fail.

That’s a pretty good idea for an app. I wish I had that when I was working on the road.

Its a good idea. But according to me the success of this idea/app depends on some factors. Like, the place/country you are making it for, you expectations from it (like quickly start earning or slowly like a side project which might get bigger in the future or may be an experimental app), investment plans and finally MARKETING ideas/team/plan.

It’s a good idea but one that won’t fly with Google. An app like this has to have several images covering all the tourist attractions of the city. But, you’ll probably get suspended by Google over this and asked to prove that you hold the copyright or license to use them which you won’t because otherwise this wouldn’t be profitable anymore.