My apps: "GPS Widget" and "Battery Live Walpaper"


I also want to take the chance to promote my apps. Thanks for that, David!
My apps are:

GPS Widget:
its a simple widget that shows your location in numbers (longitude, latitude, very accurate altitude) in different formats. There’s a free and a paid version available. The free version has more than 25000 downloads till now.

Battery Live Wallpaper:
a live wallpaper that change saturation or color of a custom backgroundimage accordingly to the battery status. Free and paid version.

I have another app online. The “Wiener Würstelkompass”. But I think it’s not interesting for most of you since it is an app working in Vienna only.

Oops, I forgot another app :smiley: : Keyshaker. An app to create a high secure random key.

Hi Wolfgang, your links contain an extra parenthesis ‘)’ at the end so they’re sort of broken! I like the idea of the battery wallpaper though to be honest, it’s probably not something I would use myself.

I also wonder if your apps are priced slightly too high (I know this is highly subjective and will change based on where you are in the world). I’m in the UK and your paid apps appear to be around £1.28. I know this sounds silly, but I would expect to pay around 99p for apps in this niche. I’m no business expert though. I wonder what the cutoff point for an impulse-buy is in the app world?

Hi PrePixel,

thank you for your reply and the hint that there’s an error with my links! I did the posting form my android device and it wasn’t easy to create the links (I was too stupid :rolleyes: )

I think the price of my apps are ok. My experience was that as long as people are willing to spend some money for an app, it doesn’t really matter if the price is 1€ more or less. E.g. at first I sold the “GPS Widget” for 0.99€ and after increasing the price up to 1.49€ the number of sales stayed the same (currently ~ 4 per day).

But in my opinion apps are sold too cheap generally. As a result an app is worth nothing in the eyes of many users. Every app is an effort for the developer, but only a few people are willing to spend some little money for this effort (for 1.49€ you do not even get a small beer :s ). That’s the business… (I want a cry-emoticon :smiley: )

Hi Wolfgang,

Yeah, I also wish that the baseline price for apps was a little higher, though it is great for the consumer and with billions of apps sold it’s hard to argue with the results. Unfortunately (as I’m sure we all know) the people who lose out are the developers. :-S

It’s interesting that you didn’t get a dip in sales after increasing your price though, I’d been under the impression that 99c/99p/0.99€ was the sweet-spot price wise. I’ll have to reconsider my position!

Yip. I originally planned to release my game most only just as “paid”. But getting started is damn hard - hence, providing it for free more or less :(. If it would work out, I’d want to get 2€ per license, but that didn’t work out. I am glad it works for your apps. Probably because you offer something people are looking for…

I like your apps. Gave you a couple of good reviews and sent some Good Karma points your way.

I’m going through all the apps the devs have posted on this forum and will try to rate each one. It seems like ratings play a role on how your app is ranked and how much exposure it gets. But most users won’t rate (I only got 6 ratings on my app that has been downloaded 4,400 times with 980 active users :(). So I figure if I can help out a couple of small time devs like myself with ratings I will do it.

Thanks for your rating and good karma! :slight_smile:

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